Today is….

Our leader’s birthday….

Anyway…I just wanted to make this entry to appreciate our hard-working, determined leader of BTS for a moment. (also yesterday was 9/11…WE REMEMBER). But Kim Nam-joon is a sweet, compassionate individual and we need to appreciate his existence. And every nice thing, his respect for people, ARMY, his competitors and Bangtan. So HAPPY BDAY RAPMON!!!!!!

And just one more…

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September 1st was…

Our favorite Maknae’s birthday…

Sorry about the late post!!!!!!!!!!

I thought i would make this special post for the youngest member of BTS…Jeon Jeong-guk!!! I myself would say that all ARMY’s should be happy and proud of Jungkook because he works so hard, and being the youngest isn’t easy. He has came from a world of struggles into one of happiness and, “Euphoria”. When ARMY’s see or hear about his progress they in themselves are in, “utopia”. Anyway thank you JUNGKOOK for your amazing inspiration, and a smile to make our day.


I am still in love with gifs…and pics.🤔..

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It has been a while, i haven’t posted for a while, and i just now have the time to. I 100% encourage you to listen to BTS’s new album “Map Of The Soul: Persona”, and play the game “BTS World” it is so addictive and in my opinion no true ARMY could resist. But i don’t have much time to write because i’m in school. But enjoy these pics…





So I believe that everyday ARMYS around the world are either struggling because BTS is not approved of in their country or religion, or maybe even they are harrassed by others simply due to the simple word: Racism. People, may be jealous, they may be unhappy with the fact that someone such as BTS has so much fame. Also the hate is so unbelievably terrible for both ARMY and BTS, like making fun of them because they talk in a different way, or look different. Why do people insist on being so self-centered so into their own race they can’t accept others for who they are and what they can’t change. I also have a few more things to say, now EXO-L’s and other K-pop group fans you guys are going overboard by making petition’s to disband BTS, and I’m not saying all of you do this and thank you to the ones that don’t but the ones that think BTS shouldn’t have fame or shouldn’t win awards your band hasn’t, well let me let you know I fully understand that you’re all for your group as ARMY is of BTS, but is that any reason to trash other groups because yours isn’t making progress or as much success as them…no. I see that most of you are jealous, or angry at this post, but it’s the whole truth. Thank you so much to those respectable, and mature fans who don’t support such hate. Do you think at the Grammy’s this year we made petitions against the winners because BTS didn’t win. Anyway I have no more to say, I think I’ve said all I need to say. But I hope that is ARMY’s can stick by BTS’s side through it all, it may sound childish but we are called, “ARMY” for a reason…just remember that. Thanks for reading, and I hope you can leave a like or follow me. 🤗

“We would never take your love and support just for granted”, RM, BTS


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Jin Habits…

Ok I haven’t posted in a while and I was really hype about doing this one…

Let’s get it…

Jin has these habits…

  1. Blowing kisses either at the camera or at the fans…with a serious face but still adorable
  2. Everyone especially ARMY should know that Jin gets scared very easily, anything from ghosts to even animals he gets scared…LOL
  3. Jin tends to be happy when he eats…talk about EatJin
  4. Worldwide handsome is the iconic phrase he uses to introduce himself …and there’s no denying its true
  5. Jin cutely pouts with his lips on random occasions, and its amazingly cute when he does so
  6. Every ARMY should know that Jin’s laugh sounds like windshield wipers…lol
  7. Jin loves to tell dad jokes, that make members cringe or even laugh
  8. Since Jin is the oldest he gets mad at the other members in a cute way

Well that’s all on Jin!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as he enjoys eating
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A lot of people online make this a thing but I will do my own version…


Let’s go…………

Have you ever compared their names to their personalities? Well, let’s see….


Jin / Pink Princess
Car door Guy / Seok-jin


Mochi / ChimChim


Kookie / Jungkookie
Jungkook / Jeon Jeong-guk


Hobi~ / J-hope
Hope / Ho-seok


Nam-joon / RM





Ok, so hope you enjoyed, come back for more, and thx for reading this post!!!

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10 Facts on Suga…

Ok so I hope you guys are enjoying this series but i’m almost done so let’s go…

  1. Suga can write lyrics anywhere even when it’s loud and crowded
  2. Suga didn’t breath at exactly 10 seconds while rapping to Cypher Pt. 2
  3. He said he likes Jimin but dosen’t think Jimin likes him
  4. Suga’s brother was the one that named the pets ‘holly’
  5. Suga said if he had a second pet he would name it dully
  6. His favorite western female is Beyonce
  7. He usually writes his lyrics from midnight to six in the morning
  8. Suga thinks his feet look better than any of the other members
  9. He said he takes the longest to eat
  10. Suga wrote “Jump” and “Tomorrow” as a trainee

Well that’s all 10 facts…