Today is a very special day it’s J-hope’s Birthday…


So yet we need to say happy birthday to a very important individual. He is an inspirational, lively and lastly all anyone would want in a person. Also he is very talented person in dancing and rapping and everything else. So…

Happy Birthday J-Hope.


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Have you ever got made fun of for liking K-Pop or BTS? Have you ever wondered why people hate BTS so much? I have. I have a story to tell…

Once again.

So let’s get started…


Well have you ever wanted to show someone something you like? Well once went I to tell my friend about Mic Drop and they were all for looking it up (I make people curious)…until I said that they were Korean. What is so wrong with being a different race? I mean white, black, Japanese, or even in this case Korean…we are all the same. People ask me everyday, “why do you like them”, or “they are so dumb, why are you so obsessed?” I can tell you why, because they are so inspiring, and they make me happy. I bet that most fans reply with a, “you aren’t ARMY”, or a simple, “you wouldn’t understand.” I can’t seem to understand why people call other races names and make fun of them. Also they make me proud and I feel that ARMY is my family and we’re all rooting for the same thing. Anyways…

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my inspiration!!!

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10 Facts on Jungkook…

Did you know?

  1. Jungkook’s role model is G-Dragon from Big Bang
  2. He thinks he’s not good at acting in front of cameras
  3. Jungkook has a habit of kissing a camera whenever he sees one
  4. If Jungkook had only one hour to make Tae happy then he would show him a funny performance
  5. Jungkook has a black belt in Taekwondo
  6. Jungkook said when he was younger he wanted to be a badminton player
  7. If he had to choose a foreign ideal type it would be Emma Watson
  8. When Jungkook gets nervous he touches his hair a lot
  9. The things he would love to have from the others is RM’s knowledge, Suga’s diverse knowledge, J-hope’s positive mind, Jimin’s persistence, V’s natural talent,
  10. His motto is, “I would rather be dead than to live without passion.”
who wouldn’t love this!?

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Here’s all the nicknames of BTS for all you new fans…

BTS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

Now let’s get started…

  • RM- Leader Mon, and or God of destruction
  • Jin- Pink Princess, and or Jin Princess
  • Jimin- Mochi, ChimChim, and or Park Jiminie
  • Jungkook- Kookie, Golden Maknae, and or Bunny
  • J-hope- Hobi~, Hope, and or Sunshine
  • Suga- Agust D, and or Dad
  • V- TaeTae, Blank Tae, and or Gucci Model \
You will love this pic if you’re a die-hard ARMY!!!

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10 Facts about Jimin…

Did You Know?


Now let’s get started…

  1. Jimin won the ‘whos the dancing king’ challenge between him and Kai of EXO
  2. Jimin thinks without his abs he is just another one of the members
  3. BTS said Jimin is the worst texter in the group
  4. Jimin was asked if he had a day off what he would love to do, he said go on a date/spend it with Jungkook
  5. Jimin’s solo song, Lie is one of the most streamed songs after Blood, Sweat and Tears
  6. Jimin said he would reject an 8th member
  7. His ‘eye exercise’ is what he likes to do after awaking in the morning
  8. Jimin said he has liked girls with long hair since he was younger
  9. Jimin likes mint scented perfumes
  10. Jimin is a big fan of Tae-hyung

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10 Facts about JIN…

Did You Know?


Now Let’s get started…

  1. Jin once admitted he has never had acne in his life
  2. Jin also admitted that he has a crush on RM. Rapmonster just laughed at first then hugged him afterwords
  3. He wants his first born to be a daughter then a boy. He wants a Noona for his son
  4. Jungkook said Jin is very manly, nice and loves to cook but he whines a lot.
  5. Jin can play guitar as well as piano
  6. Jin went to an ALL BOYS high school but still got valentines gifts on valentines day
  7. It always makes him happy to know people think he’s cute or handsome
  8. Jin’s role model is T.O.P. from Big Bang
  9. Jin wakes up two hours before all the other members
  10. Lastly Jin blinks his left eye when either hungry or frustrated

Well that’s all 10 facts…

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All you haters can just laugh it up but I have BTS!!!

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Discovery 😜

How did you discover BTS?

Well here’s my story…

Who wouldn’t want to discover these amazing people. 😉

It was about last year after New Years when I had just gotten this MP3 player for Christmas (wasn’t allowed to have a phone at the time). I didn’t have a computer so I used the radio on it to listen to Q-101. Then one night it had a request of Mic Drop (feat. Desiigner) from Nebraska. I decided to record it since I only had few songs. I loved it, I listened to it over and over. I then let my Best Friend listen to it one day, she didn’t like it and I lied and said it was horrible (i regret that), this was when I agrees with everything she said. I then one day me and her decided to hang with another one of our classmates (which we didn’t do very often). He brought his phone outside and we listened to music. Then on his playlist I heard that song, and right before he skipped it I asked him who they were. He then told me they were BTS. I had internet at my house at the time so I looked them up and immediately thought, ”Wow they are hott.” I listened to more songs, got more info and the rest is history. Now I can’t live without them…

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